This project proposed the creation of a new corporate office suite and small contemporary art gallery for a state government department within the ground floor street front tenancy of a new office building. The fine arts industry focus of the tenant departments directed the architecture, which endeavours to blur the boundaries between art space and office space and the general public interface.

2009            Australian Institute of Architects
                   Interior - Award

‘What a lovely surprise, you enter Arts Tasmania’s principal centre through the very portals previous generations of shoppers have entered – for very different reasons. Then the sloping picture windows reflected children gazing through at desired toys; or sportsmen contemplating fly rods and exotic lures. Now the visitor is enticed by art – entering a light and airy space, the roving eye caught by the gallery of art works and installations. This is clever use of space, appropriately negotiating the layered heritage fabric of the site, from the light-infused kitchen and lunch area to the light installation which illuminates the otherwise dull end of the building. Work stations are inviting; indicative of creativity. This is a heritage building once shaded and utilitarian which has been subtly transformed into a centre reflective of artistic creativity.’

Image05: Artist Jude Abell 

Images: Jonathan Wherrett