Images: Ray Joyce, 1+2 Architecture

This house is an oasis within a dense new suburban neighbourhood. A quiet, private and earthbound structure which seeks sunlight, captures views and embraces its landscape. It is an exploration in form, volumes and the structural, textural and aging qualities of its materials. It’s a family home, a builder’s office and an artist’s studio.
The design evolved from the idea of enclosures stepping down the site, negotiating and retaining existing trees and creating private, sunny, wind sheltered courtyards and roof decks. These spaces have been mirrored around a top-lit, stepping circulation spine. This configuration allowed for maximum light and cross ventilation, the creation of formal relationships between openable indoor and outdoor living spaces, and the opportunity for an expressive building geometry incorporating double height spaces.
Materials have been judiciously chosen from a restricted palette. Etched masonry was selected for its permanence, solidity, quietness, thermal performance and textural qualities. It also offered the opportunity for fluidity between internal and external materials, its massiveness contrasted by refined soldier coursing and jointing details. Lightweight timber cladding was selected as a counterpoint to the masonry. Large areas of timber cladding have been finely milled into slender boards accentuating verticality while elegantly aging.