Photography: Ray Joyce, 1+2 Architecture.

Wellspring Anglican Church seeks to bring the church ministry into the 21st Century. This has required an architectural response that is reflective of contemporary ministry, engages with the surrounding community, and preserves and reinvigorates past and continuing traditions. 
Through a lengthy design and approvals process, considered adaptive re-use and sensitive intervention has enabled the church to continue in the location it has occupied for nearly 100 years. This is of significant cultural and community benefit.
The new building is a purposeful departure from the formal qualities of the original buildings, which are also visually heavy, inwardly focused and visually disconnected from each other and from the outside.
The new building rests within the spaces in between, linking all buildings under one light-filled canopy with an openness and transparency along the public edges. The form, scale and massing is intentionally subservient in relation to the existing buildings.
The project was delivered on time and within budget despite an array of complexities and challenges including negotiation of significant works to three important heritage listed structures in a listed streetscape, complex neighbourhood issues, and limited financial resources.